Xperia Companion v1.1.24.0

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Xperia Companion name of the official application from Sony, in order to update Software for the company. Whether you're the owner of a Sony Xperia smartphone? Do you like the easiest way to update your device? You can use the official tools Xperia Companion, easy to update your phone's software version. Xperia Companion also communicate quickly with your Xperia phone or tablet, the latest version of the software provided by Sony for device reviews and easiest method to upgrade to this version provides.

If the power of your android phone's performance is also very different than the first day, Xperia Companion may be able to solve its problems forever! Companies manufacturer of smartphones in the world, always supports the right software for their products provide. You can backup the contents of your device, updated version of its software and then restore your data again.If your device frequently hang or its speed dropped, the Xperia Companion can also update it to the latest version, revert to its original state. Now you can get the latest version.