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Video to GIF Converter 1.0.12 software called free and powerful, the conversion of video files, graphics images and animated GIF. Today, animated GIF, many applications on the web and social networks in particular. However, with the added ability to display animated GIF in the application telegram , day by day fans of graphic formats can be added. With this software, you can also convert your videos into GIF images! Video to GIF Converter allows you to do that without the need for special settings and in the shortest possible time, GIF images from your video files to create.

The software has a beautiful interface and user-friendly, allowing you to make that your animated GIF images to help you create a wide range of video formats. In addition, you can convert these formats are collectively included in this application. Video to GIF Converter by simplifying the process of making animated GIF, even most young computer users the capability that requires no special knowledge, within a few minutes of video you want to convert GIF animations. Now you can get the latest version